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Churches Together in Bangor

Cytûn Bangor celebrates the diversity of the Christian presence in the University city of Bangor.  Open to the leading of Holy Spirit, Cytûn Bangor aims to increase unity and cooperation between churches by:

Growing in Christian Fellowship    ·    Engaging in God’s mission    ·    Interacting in public life


Cytûn Bangor organises all sort of events from the

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity,

Good Friday Walk of Witness,

Praise at the Pier,

hustings before elections,

carol singing and

co-ordinating events for Christian Aid Week.

There is an executive committee composed of three reps from each church which meets five or six times each year.


Cytûn Bangor seeks to further its aims by

(i)  gathering together the churches of Bangor in all the richness of their present diversity

so that they can learn from and value each other’s traditions in the parity of esteem;

(ii) offering the churches the opportunity to enter into a new commitment to reflect together theologically

on matters of faith, order and ethics; to pray together and learn to appreciate each other’s pattern

of prayer; to work together, sharing resources and presenting the Gospel in word and action;

(iii)  seeking to help the churches to arrive at a common mind am that they might

become more fully united in faith, communion, pastoral care and mission;

(iv)  acting as a body which enables the churches themselves to reach their

decisions in the context of common study, prayer and worship;

(v)  enabling the churches to do together whatever we can;

(vi)  fostering the concern and action of the churches in Bangor in relation to aid and

world development through agencies such as Christian Aid and CAFOD

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Churches Together in Bangor

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Seeking to love, trust and follow Jesus; by his Spirit; together in grace, truth and love, to the glory of God.

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Berea Newydd

A Welsh speaking congregation emphasising worship, mission, pastoral care and work with children and young people.

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Capel Emaus

Emaus is an interdenominational Welsh-medium church that serves both the local and worldwide community.

The Religious Society of Friends

That of God in everyone

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Bangor Cathedral

Your Cathedral, here for you...

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Church of our Lady & St James

United as a family in Christ

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Mosaic Church

Meeting with God, Reaching Others,

Making Disciples, Building the Family 

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Eglwys y Groes

A place to believe, belong, and become!

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St John's Methodist Church

Responding to the gospel of God’s love in Christ


Cytun is all of these churches coming together for the community of Bangor.

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